Build a thriving
online community

Traditional forums are clunky. Chat is too chaotic with larger groups. Palapa sits in the sweet spot to deliver the modern, engaging discussion experience your community craves.

A better home for your community

Delight your community with the modern, thoughtful discussion platform they crave. Palapa is fresh, fast and fun, and just what your members are looking for.

Real-time engagement, long-term value

We love chat as much as anybody, but long-term value is built around organized conversations. That's why Palapa features structured, threaded conversations as the primary form of content, with real-time messaging available for quick side chats.

  • Best of both worlds

    Don’t settle for a choice between chat vs. forums. With Palapa you get long-term organized conversations, PLUS real-time ephemeral messaging.

  • Highlight the good stuff

    Palapa feature a bunch of smart ways to discover content, from trending posts, to most popular, to most recent conversations.

Show 'em you care

For your community to thrive, your members need to know that investing their time in the community is worth it. By highlighting members who have been most helpful each week, Palapa helps you say ”thanks” to those who contribute most.

  • Reward participation

    Palapa helps you keep people coming back by providing incentives for participating, including special badges and by highlighting people who have been most helpful.

  • Smart reputation

    There’s a balance between recognizing overall top contributors and encouraging new participants. Palapa helps you do both through smart reputation features.

Highlight both content and people

A healthy online community is built around: common interests, useful content, and connections between members. Other platforms focus too much on content and not enough on the people behind it. Palapa makes sure your members are connecting with each other while discovering content that is useful and engaging.

  • Profiles front-and-center

    Profiles help your members get to know each other, so Palapa makes sure they're featured prominently in multiple places.

  • Lickety fast search

    Find what you're looking for quickly, whether it's a message or reply or post or member of your community.

Watch your community grow

Palapa features instant access to the stats you need to see to know if your efforts are paying off. Get stats on users, pageviews, posts, replies and messages at a glance and watch your community grow.

  • Smart admin controls

    Managing a community well takes care and feeding. Palapa provides smart admin controls for removing posts, disabling users and more when you need them.

Built for mobile

Palapa was built for mobile from the start, so your users will have an amazing experience on the phone OR on the desktop.

Customize all the things

Make Palapa your own! Set up a custom domain, upload your logo and set your colors. Your members will feel right at home.

Single Sign-On

Palapa integrates with WordPress, Podia and any system that supports SAML or OAUTH, so use whatever courseware or membership platform you like and your members won't have to sign in twice.

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